About AO Media

Posted on January 12, 2014
AO Media, Ltd is a media company that provides photography services specialising in events, weddings and portraitures. Their unique approach at capturing and displaying memorable occasions is one of many reasons why the entreprise has become highly acclaimed.

AO Media founder, Ayokunu Oduniyi, became acquainted with his passion for photography in 2008 during a project in his Broadcast Operations and Production degree. Having been inspired by freelance photographers of that time, Ayokunu was able to not only develop this skill further, but also cultivate a unique style and identity that led to the founding of AO Media.

AO Media has gone on to work with renowned American organisations such as: Strength of Nature/Garner Circle PR at the Black Hair & Beauty LIVE, and UK based organisations such as Elevation Networks, Deloitte, the Houses of Parliament and Nokia HQ.

The company has also provided services for high-end organisations such as VERGE| Mayfair and MOBO Awards nominees and winners Lurine Cato, Triple O and Jake Isaac.

As a result of its diversity and excellence, AO Media has featured in major publications such as; The Evening Standard, Essence magazine as well as various wedding blogsites.

AO Media take pride in their reputation of capturing treasurable moments of clients’ special occasions, combined with consistent quality in editorial style and framework. The company aims to incorporate full services in both visual and still media in the near future.

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