Marbie Davies Experience

Today on the blog were doing something a little different from the usual. We were able to photograph what clients can expect to experience at a Marbie Davies tasting sessions. The detail and effort put into it makes more than a consultation meeting, but an experience a client participates in.

A little something you should know about Marbie Davies:

Marbie Davies is a proficient and creative brand dedicated to delivering a taste of passion and quality. The idea of the company was born from a desire to create amazing cakes that contained three main things; unique flavour, character and attention to detail. 

We currently specialise in a variety of cakes, ranging from sweet and petite cupcakes, to elegant mouthwatering tiers for your special event.

Below are some images from the sessions, and gives you a deeper insight into what to expect at a Marbie Davies’ tasting session, we had fun shooting (and eating them afterwards lol), here is what to expect, when you come to taste:

To get into contact:

email: | twitter: @marbiedavies | facebook: .com/MarbieDaviesCakes